Organic Insect Sprays

As the weather cools down (a lot faster than in Pretoria, just down the road), I am wrapping up the summer garden, gathering seeds and cleaning up. Which reminded me to post a note on the very effective ways I battled the chompy chewies this year.
Returning from a trip to Malawi, I found that the knowledge gained is quite portable and needed by avid gardeners everywhere!
Well, here goes:

insect-sprayHome made garlic soap spray (Got this from JG Simpson’s excellent book Food from Your Garden):
(The secret here is using oil-based soaps and not detergents. I use Bingo Blue soap bars.)

3 large heads of garlic (85-100g)
6 tbsp medicinal paraffin oil
1 tbsp grated oil-based soap
500ml hot water

Roughly chop the garlic, put into a blender with the paraffin and pulp. Scrape into a bowl, cover it and leave for about 2 days.
Take the hot water (I use an old plastic jug for this), grate in the soap and stir until dissolved.
Stir this warm mixture into the garlic paraffin pulp.
When cooled down, scoop into old jam jars (Screw top) and refrigerate it.

To use: take two tbsp of this and mix into 2 liters of water.
Spray the plants, especially under the leaves if you have nasties like mealie bugs.

To add some oomph, you can add some chillies to the garlic mixture and blend it in.
(Just don’t confuse this jar with your others if you love making Indian food like I do, and have some garlic paste and chilli paste that you home-made!)

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